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  1. Property Management

    Group One Real Estate has one of the largest property management divisions in Corpus Christi, and we handle everything from townhomes to single-family dwellings for a variety of owners. We have been in business since 1971, and we have established a reputation as being one of the main real estate offices in the Coastal Bend.

    We have provided property management services for both individual owners of just a few home to large companies that manage many different properties. The first established in 1972, and it has grown tremendously in that time. Through our years of experience, we have developed procedures that allow us to provide outstanding service to our customers, and we are proud to be members of the National Association of Realtors as well as the Texas Apartment Association.

    Our Services

    We offer long-term management of houses, condominiums, and townhomes, and we offer 24/7 service that includes both maintenance and repair. We also facilitate the collection of rent, and we handle every aspect of the occupant selection process; this includes interviews, as well as the investigation of rental history and credit. We do not, however, manage short-term rentals (i.e. less than six months).

    In addition to managing rental properties, we can also manage the Homeowner’s Association in a particular neighborhood. These types of organizations, as well as Property Management Associations (POA’s), are useful in the protection of the common elements of a particular neighborhood or subdivision, and it can help to maintain property values in the area.

    Group One Property Management Team

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    Member Texas Apartment Association

    Our Process

    The first step is the initial interview, which is when we determine your specific needs and goals. Then, we develop a plan that will help us to fulfill them. We want to keep you informed of every part of our process, so we will:

    1. Discuss all phases of the management process.
    2. Establish a management program that will allow you to be involved in any manner that you see fit.
    3. Establish a workable rent range.
    4. Review any maintenance instructions, and see if you have any people that you may want to use. Otherwise, we have a list of competent, dependable people that we use for all of our service calls.
    5. Find out if the property meets basic Texas Landlord Tenant Law requirements, and make any necessary changes.
    6. Advertise and show the property for lease.
    7. Review each application we receive with you and utilize consumer reporting services to evaluate each applicant for creditworthiness, employment, past rental history, and criminal background.
    8. Maintain a full accounting system and provide you with monthly reports, year-end reports, and 1099’s for every vendor we use.
    9. Mail rent checks and reports to you from our office when they have been received.

    If you have a property that needs to be managed, Group One Real Estate has experts who can help you. So, if you want to schedule a personal review of all of our property management services, get in touch with us today!

    Email and Phone number 361-991-9111

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Group One Real Estate
Let Us Be The One You Come To!
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