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    Looking For A New Career?

    Let us tell you about Real Estate Enterprises, Inc., Group One Real Estate, and all the opportunities that we have available for you. In fact, the information we have below will familiarize you with everything we have to offer.

    Company Background

    The firm began in 1971, and back then it was known as The Carriage Company. Our primary business was working with companies that specialize in the construction of new real estate. It wasn’t long until we branched out into the sale of existing homes, and since then we have grown into one of the largest independent real estate firms in Corpus Christi. In 1975, we bought out and merged with two other firms, and we changed our name to Group One Real Estate. In 1976, we built and moved into our current location, which is just a step away from Everhart at Corona – the hub of the Southside.

    Company Vision

    In the early days of the real estate business, it consisted of smaller offices that served specific neighborhoods, and the sales force was dominated by women working part time or men who were retired from their main professions. Now, companies have a more national (and even international) outlook, and the business is driven by full-time real estate professionals who are committed to servicing a much larger consumer base. Technology is also playing a major role in the real estate business of today, and customers are demanding a higher level of service. So, our emphasis has been to develop a team of “real estate professionals.”

    Businesses will survive the future only if they are able to master change, and we expect the real estate business to change drastically in the next few years. This is largely due to the growth of technology, which has been caused by the Information Age. That’s why our office is constantly expanding and upgrading our computer systems and technology. In fact, the Corpus Christi Association of Realtors offers an Internet-based Multiple Listing Service, so we are taking full advantage of the benefits of the Digital Age.

    We are continuing to expand our property management division, and we currently manage over 200 domestic rentals in the Coastal Bend. We also provide association management services, and through the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we are able to help customers relocate to almost any location in the US and across the globe.

    Company Goal

    We have always tried to be on the cutting edge and to change with the current market. We were the first real estate company in Corpus Christi, and we have created an in-house training program that we have used since 1971.

    Our goal is to be the best independent real estate company in Corpus Christi – not just in the number of offices or associates but in productivity and profits. That’s why we are committed to building a strong team of real estate professionals who are committed to their success.

    If you feel like you want to start your journey toward a prosperous real estate career, feel free to get in touch with us. Let’s see if we can grow and be successful together.

    Once you have taken the necessary classes to get your license, and you are committed to becoming a real estate agent, the next step is committing to our in-house training program. We have people in our office who provide ongoing consultation and assistance, and they are there to serve as mentors in the path toward your success.

    Licensing Requirements

    The State of Texas requires you to get a real estate license before you can become an agent. You will need to pass at least 210 hours of classes, and 150 of them must be what are considered to be the Core Real Estate Courses. Once you have completed the required number of hours, you must also pass a State Board Examination. So, entering into the real estate business requires a sincere commitment on your part to:

    • Invest time in classes and study
    • Invest money into classes and study materials

    As an agent with Group One Real Estate, you are an independent contractor who is working for yourself. So, in that respect, you are owning and operating your own business. Real estate has a great deal of opportunities for self-motivated and driven people. So, we invite you to join our team, and let us help you build a successful real estate career.

    Get in touch with us today to schedule a time where we can talk about your future!

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Group One Real Estate
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